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The Mirror Book – Mirror Sailing from Start to Finish

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by Peter Aitken & Tim Davison

The Mirror is one of the UKs best-loved dinghies. This book teaches you how to sail and race one and how to get the best out of it.
The Mirror dinghy is a British sailing icon and continues to evolve, keeping up with modern sailing technology and requirements. Written by the national UK Mirror Coach, this fully illustrated book covers everything you need to know including rigging, sailing theory and practice, reefing, launching and landing, capsizing, racing and transportation. It also includes four master classes which aim to get the reader to advanced racing standard.

This is the only book you’ll ever need to sail your Mirror.
Fully illustrated with step-by-step photography.
It teaches everything from the essentials of sailing theory and rigging, through faster upwind and downwind sailing, to racing tactics and how to outsmart the opposition.

Paperback : 128 pages

SKU: P51745

About the Author
Peter Aitken is the UK National Mirror Coach and has seen plenty of his charges triumph on the world scene, most recently with a gold medal at the Mirror World Championships in South Africa. Tim Davison has been Laser (Masters) European Champion and has twice won the Moth National Championships.

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