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Meteorology for Seafarers (Sixth Edition 2024)

$175.00 GST

(For Professional Seafarers and Students)

This book aims to present the fundamentals of meteorology and highlight those aspects of particular interest to all seafarers. It does not aim to provide a simple  explanation, as this is regularly and professionally done by radio, television and the more elementary text books, nor does it delve into the highly complex explanations provided by research papers.

Meteorology for Seafarers is therefore a technical book which aims to explain the complexities of the atmosphere and provide the information needed by professional seafarers aspiring to first class certificates of competency and to students studying for degrees.

In this sixth edition, the opportunity has been taken to incorporate recent examples of marine forecasts and charts, and figures have been modified.

Published: January 2024

Authors: Lieutenant-Commander R.M Frampton and P.A. Uttridge

SKU: P5164

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