Matthew Flinders

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In 1790, a stubborn sixteen-year-old defied his father and went to sea. Here began the remarkable career of Matthew Flinders R.N., a career that ended in his fortieth year just days after the publication of A Voyage to Terra Australis, his life’s work detailing his epic voyage of circumnavigation of the Great South Land.

The Life of Matthew Flinders is a story of persistence and audacious risk-taking, driving ambition and frustration, obstinate determination and doubt. It is a richly detailed account of tragedy and short-lived triumph, of exile on an enemy island, of love thwarted and a painful early death. It is also the story of a man who became one of the great navigators of the nineteenth century, an adventurer who left an indelible mark on a continent and a nation. ides her time between researching the life of George Bass, Matthew Flinders’ close firend and fellow adventurer, and investigating a new theory of the origins of the Viking outbreak. Her Discovery: The Quest for the Great South Land was published in Sydney and New York to critical acclaim. 372 pages PB.