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Masters’ Guide to Shipboard Disciplinary Procedures

$75.00 GST

The UK Chamber of Shipping has published its revised Master’s Guide to Shipboard Disciplinary Procedures. The new edition brings the guidelines up to date with recent developments in the shipping industry.
The Code of Conduct for the Merchant Navy is a well-established document, setting out principles aimed at ensuring high standards of discipline on board merchant ships and hence promoting the well-being of the seafarers working on them.
It is agreed between shipowners and seafarers’ representatives and approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.
The code is widely used across the shipping industry – it has been adopted by many employers of seafarers for use on ships registered in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, and it may be referred to in Seafarer Employment Agreements.
Disciplinary procedures form a key element of following the code and can raise major issues, especially when a seafarer has committed a breach serious enough to warrant dismissal from the ship.

Online Shopping