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Marinesafe DVD

$29.95 GST

Operation MARINESAFE – a help yourself learning concept for recreational marine safety now available from the Coastal Patrol. The Patrol has worked closely with IT specialist, Media PR, to produce an interactive, 3D animated educational DVD for tuition on marine safety rules. It is the fastest and easiest way ever to learn and/or review boating rules for safer boating. The rules have been animated to visually show the correct procedures and safety requirements for all vessels and water users, including PWCs. MARINESAFE is contained within an Interactive Questionnaire DVD format that is easy to use, easy to understand and very easy to remember. Operation MARINESAFE DVD contains an abundance of information on boating safety and boat licence rules which is all accessed by its easy-to-use on-screen menu. It features an animated 3D tuition section with multiple choice questions providing a quick and easy way to learn the all the rules necessary to obtain a NSW Boat Driver’s licence. If you have already have a Boat Driver’s licence, this DVD is a fun way to refresh your knowledge, update on changes in the rules and check how well you remember the rules you had to learn to pass your boat licence test. MARINESAFE DVD includes a section devoted to Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol with interactive content included to increase awareness of the Coastal Patrol and its services with contact, membership and fund-raising information, as well as an action photo gallery and other useful safety details. Proceeds from sales of the MARINESAFE DVD benefit the Coastal Patrol and will help the Patrol to continue to provide its Marine Radio Services and Search and Rescue Services to the community. MARINESAFE DVD operates on any TV/DVD Player and is also playable on any computer system with a DVD drive. This is a DVD that will provide hours of interactive fun and boating safety information for the whole family. PAL format.

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