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Maatsuyker Through Our Eyes

$75.00 GST

Caretaking on Tasmania’s wild and remote Maatsuyker Island.

Paul Richardson and Amanda Walker.

Maatsuyker: Through Our Eyes : Caretaking on Tasmania’s wild and remote Maatsuyker Island

When accepted by the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service volunteer program as caretakers for Maatsuyker Island, Paul Richardson and Amanda Walker were well aware they had chosen to live in isolation in one of the windiest places in Australia at a time when the weather is at its wildest.

Maatsuyker Through Our Eyes chronicles their preparations, first impressions and then the daily caretaking tasks needed to look after the lighthouse, the light keeper’s quarters, outbuildings and island infrastructure. It tells of ocean swells, driving rains, lightning strikes, mist and drizzle, calm and sunny periods, bitter cold and record winds.

All this is accompanied by Amanda and Paul’s lavish photographs and Amanda’s exquisite artwork which provide a striking visual record of their six-month stay.

Hardback: 311 pages

Author: Paul Richardson & Amanda Walker

SKU: P4780

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