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Liquefied Gas Terminals: Site Selection, Design and Operation of Marine Facilities (1st, 2024)

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The recommendations in this publication are written for organisations involved in the site selection, design and operation of liquefied gas terminals located onshore. Nearshore floating terminals that are within a port facility may also find this document useful. The document focuses on the marine aspects and equipment of a terminal that are directly related to gas carrier operations, such as cargo transfer, piping, controls and emergency response. In support of the IMO’s Greenhouse Strategy, this document includes discussion on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ships approaching, moored alongside and leaving the berth.

This document updates and replaces the following SIGTTO publications:
Site Selection and Design for LNG Ports and Jetties (Information Paper No.14) (1997)
LNG Operations in Port Areas ? Essential Best Practices for the Industry (2003)
Simulation Information Paper (2010)
Ship/Shore Interface for LPG/Chemical Gas Carriers and Terminals (2018).
Also available as an eBook on Witherby Connect, the maritime industry library accessible

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