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Lighthouses of the World

$37.95 GST

A celebration of the world’s most beautiful lighthouses.

From ancient times until the present, lighthouses have symbolised safety, homecoming, and the seafaring way of life. Lighthouses of the World provides gorgeous full-colour photos showcasing lighthouses from around the world. From the Barnegat Lighthouse on Long Beach Island, to the ancient Kopu Lighthouse in Estonia (first constructed in 1531), this book traverses continents in order to provide stunning colour photography and illustration showing the many different lighthouses that man has constructed over the centuries.

Some of the amazing structures you’ll read about include:

  • Shark Island Lighthouse in Sydney Harbour
  • Kribi Lighthouse near the Gulf of Guinea
  • Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse in northern Denmark
  • The Tower of Hercules, overlooking the North Atlantic coast of Spain
  • St. Anthony’s Lighthouse in Cornwall
  • Whitefish Point Lighthouse, the oldest active light on Lake Superior
  • Jeffrey’s Hook Lighthouse, at the edge of the Hudson River
  • Many more!

Featuring lighthouses from Africa to Australia, and Europe to North America, they will leave you in awe.

Author: Lisa Purcell

Paperback : 192 pages

SKU: P46321

About the Author

Lisa Purcell is a New York City book designer, editor, and writer, and a graduate of Princeton University.

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