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Lighthouses of Australia – The Offshore Lights

$50.00 GST

Lighthouses of Australia – The Offshore Lights by John Ibbotson is a superb collection of over 500 photographs and stories about Australia’s offshore (and some harbour) lighthouses, their spectacular locations and the people who maintain them.

Combined with concise, informative captions, 14 detailed maps, information about modern lighthouse lights and stories about their maintenance, this book provides something for everybody who has an interest in lighthouses both old and new.
With its companion book, Lighthouses of Australia – Images from the End of an Era they provide photographs and information for over 450 of Australia’s coastal, highway and major harbour Aids to Navigation and together are the only comprehensive, published record, of these important Australian icons.

Hardback : 282 pages

Author : John Ibbotson

SKU: P46317

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