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IMOK569E : Manual on Oil Pollution – Section IV: Combating Oil Spills (2005 Edition) e-book

$69.00 GST

Now only available as an e-book. IMO Bookshelf.

This manual draws on the experience and lessons learned by Governments and industry in responding to marine oil pollution. It provides useful information on preparation of national and/or regional systems for preparedness and response. The information is intended for Governments, particularly those of developing countries, and industry.

The manual discusses the behaviour and fate of different types of oil when spilled and the effects on marine and coastal resources. It looks at the various cleanup strategies and includes new chapters on burning in situ and bioremediation. Guidance is provided on training, exercises and equipment and there is also information on liability, compensation and cost accounting.

The revision of this section of the manual was undertaken by the Oil Pollution, Preparedness, Response and Co-operation (OPRC) Working Group and approved by IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee.


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