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IMOK566E : Manual of Oil Pollution Section III : Salvage (1997 Edition) e-book

$42.00 GST

Now only available as an e-book. IMO Bookshelf.

This manual addresses oil pollution problems rather than safety measures. It is a particularly useful guide for Governments of developing countries and for persons directly associated with the sea transportation and transfer of oil.

The manual is divided into six sections: Section III: Salvage (1997 edition) The Manual on Oil Pollution currently consists of four sections (sections V and VI are imminent), some of which have already been revised since they were first published.

Section III: Salvage was first published in 1983 and has now been extensively revised by the Marine Environment Protection Committee to extend its coverage to include substances other than oil. Section III of the Manual is intended to be used in conjunction with the national contingency plan that will have been prepared as described in the recently revised Section II: Contingency Planning. The guidance in Section III will help Administrations and officials involved with oil pollution casualties effectively to mitigate the effects of accidents, whether there is a spillage from a tanker or the release of bunkers from dry cargo vessels or passenger vessels.



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