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IMOK560E : Manual Oil Pollution Section II – Contingency Planning (2018 Edition) e-Book

$56.00 GST

The Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), at its sixty-fifth session, approved the revision of Section II of the Manual on Oil Pollution to update the previous edition and incorporate new information related to contingency planning for offshore installations, sea ports and oil handling facilities.

This edition of Section II builds upon three earlier editions, first published in 1978, and provides a concise summary of the best practices for governments to follow when establishing a National Response System and developing or revising their national oil spill contingency plans.

The Manual on Oil Pollution has the following sections:

Section I – Prevention (2011 Edition)

Section II – Contingency Planning (this publication)

Section III – Salvage (1997 edition)

Section IV – Combating Oil Spills (2005 edition)

Section V – Administrative Aspects of Oil Pollution Response (2009 edition)

Section VI – IMO Guidelines for Sampling and Identification of Oil Spills (1998 edition)



Online Shopping