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IMOK191E : Polar Code (2016 Edition) e-book

$56.00 GST

Now only available as an e-book. IMO Bookshelf.

The Polar Code was developed to supplement existing IMO instruments in order to increase the safety of ships’ operation and mitigate the impact on the people and environment in the remote, vulnerable and potentially harsh polar waters. It came into effect in 2017 for new ships and in 2018 for existing ships.

The Code acknowledges that polar water operation may impose navigational demands beyond the existing requirements of SOLAS, MARPOL and any relevant binding IMO instruments. The key principles for developing the Polar Code have been to use a risk-based approach in determining scope and to adopt a holistic approach in reducing risks. Detail is given on ship structure to ensure integrity is retained in ice conditions and during both global and structural loads. Although the Code is intended to apply to both Arctic and Antarctic waters, the legal and geographical differences between the two areas have been taken into account.

2016 Edition: 76 pages

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