IMO455E: IMO Liability and Compensation Regime, 2018

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IMO’s comprehensive liability and compensation regime has been developed by the Legal Committee since its inception in 1967. It comprises liability and compensation for pollution incidents, wreck removal and the carriage of passengers and their luggage. In addition, the Legal Committee developed conventions relating to the protection against pollution incidents, empowering coastal States to intervene on the high seas and determining uniform international rules regarding salvage operations. These conventions are closely linked to the liability and compensation regime and have therefore also been included in this publication.

This publication has been developed to assist Member States with the effective and uniform implementation of IMO’s liability and compensation regime. It provides a practical and comprehensive reference book for administrations, non-governmental organizations and private companies alike.
Liability & Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage
Liability & Compensation for HNS Damage
Salvage & Wreck Removal
Carriage of Passengers & their Luggage
Limitation of Liability