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How To Use Depth Sounders & Gps

How to use Depth Sounders and GPS

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This book goes into detail explaining how these modern, essential tools of anglers work and how to use them to gain an understanding of where you are and what the watery world beneath you contains.
If you are trying to determine what the best unit for your type of fishing is then this book will help you to unravel the mystique surrounding these electronic marvels and to make your decision and install your equipment.
The users of depth sounders will learn what features are available and how they affect the display. Even more, learn how to set up your sounder so that it displays the information that you need and want to know for your type of fishing, so that you can correctly recognise and interpret the displays. GPS users will learn how to use the features of their electronics to consistently and accurately return to those areas where you have angling success.


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