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How To Catch Australia’s Favourite Fish

$29.95 GST


How to catch Australia’s Favourite Fish is a book designed to get anglers out on the water and catching fish.

It does so by covering our most popular species and detailing the tackle, techniques and skills required to catch them. Precise descriptions, diagrams and colour photos illustrating the techniques makes understanding the technical aspects easy. With the explosion in the popularity and success of using hardbodied lures and soft plastics to catch these species there has been considerable space devoted to those skills.

However this has not been at the expense of the ever-successful bait fishing techniques and the basics of understanding where and how to find fish. How to Catch Australia’s Favourite Fish provides both the technical information required to turn any individual into a competent angler and the inspiration for that person to get out on the water and catch a fish or two.

Paperback:  144 pages

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