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How to Build the Footy Model Presto

$49.95 GST

The international Footy class boats are twelve inches long, free-sailed or raced by remote control, and they’re quickly attracting a growing number of fans. Presto, and the boats created by naval architect Flavio Faloci add “handsome and engaging” as well as competitive, to the class.

Flavio has used a combination of design factors to produce a race winner. Not a simple task, given Presto is a “cruising” boat built in layers (bread-and-butter fashion) from balsa wood. Whether you build Presto or use the concepts to create your own Footy, Flavio will open up a whole new world of boatbuilding and sailing, on a very manageable scale.

Book includes plans (in reduced form) background information as well as a progression of building photos.
PB 77 pages.

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