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High Latitude, North Atlantic: 30,000 Miles Through Cold Seas and History

$49.95 GST

John Bockstoce, Arctic historian and archaeologist, has been travelling and working in the North since 1962. He has carried out a series of excavations at Bering Strait, served for 10 seasons at Point Hope, Alaska, as a member of an Eskimo whaling crew, and made three traverses of the Northwest Passage. He is the author of numerous articles and books on the Arctic, including the award winning Whales, Ice and Men.

Arctic scholar and voyager John R. Bockstoce here recounts 10 passages he made into northern latitudes during the 1990s in his sturdy motor-sailor Belvedere. From Svalbard, north of Norway, to Scotland and the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Labardor-as well as a trip through the Northwest Passage with William Simon-Bockstoce and his crews tracked the courses of Norse voyagers, Irish monks, English and Dutch whalers, Inuit hunters, European explorers, and German submariners in this exciting account of human activity and natural phenomena in the frozen North.

Paperback : 240 Pages

Author : John Bockstoce

SKU: P38275

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