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Hard Day at the Office

Hard Day at the Office

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Hard Day at the Office is the autobiography of pioneering Fiji businessman, Grahame Southwick. The book spans almost 60 years of Mr Southwick’s life in Fiji and Australia.

It is a story of cane toads and flying foxes in 400 meters of water, cannibals, coups and culprits and great white sharks. From growing up in Fiji to spending half a lifetime of swimming and living with great white sharks in Australia, readers are sure to be left spellbound by Mr Southwick’s many adventures.

The managing director of the largest fish exporter in Fiji masterfully recounts his life as an abalone diver, a tuna captain, and a fishing master and readers get a courtside seat as he talks about his return to Fiji to pioneer the Fiji tuna and snapper industry.

The book discusses some of the concerns that face Fiji in general; the coups, the NBF saga, the RFMF, the desperate years spent trying to build a Fiji fishing industry and his close encounters with the ‘Grim Reaper’ as he puts it, the Wasawasa tragedy.

PB 302 pages.


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