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Hand, Reef and Steer

$53.95 GST

Traditional Sailing Skills for Classic Boats – 2nd Edition


In Hand, Reef & Steer – winner of the Best Book of the Sea Award – Tom explains the different sailing characteristics of classic craft and shares his grasp of the special skills required to handle them.

He describes how to handle heavy loads using tackles rather than winches and reveals the mysteries of making the boat work for you rather than fighting with her gear.

He shares step by step advice on

  • setting up the rig;
  • sail handling skills (hoisting, setting and reefing)
  • heavy and light air sailing;
  • manouevring a long-keel boat;
  • losing way, scandalizing and steering with sails, topsails, watersails, single-luff spinnakers and fisherman staysails;
  • and much, much more.

Author : Tom Cuncliffe

Paperback : 224 pages

SKU: P3597

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