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Guidelines for the Design, Operation and Maintenance of Multi B

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Multi Buoy Moorings (MBM) are common in the oil industry and are generally used in areas where the environmental conditions are moderate.

While the information provided is primarily geared towards the initial planning, design and operation of new facilities, it may also be useful for reference when upgrading or evaluating existing berths or when replacing individual components.

The scope of this publication embraces mooring and oil transfer equipment within the multi buoy berth, up to and including the Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM). Information regarding the subsea pipelines serving the PLEM is considered to be outside the scope and may be readily found in other publications

The objective of this publication is to provide information and recommendations on good practice to assist with the development of site-specific requirements. Terminal operators and designers are encouraged to provide feedback to OCIMF on the content, and on any aspects that are not addressed, for proposed inclusion in subsequent editions of this publication.

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