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Guidelines for Offshore Tanker Operations (2018)

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Witherby Publishing Group (2018)


This publication provides guidance on the general principles, procedures and equipment required to safely moor and transfer cargo between offshore terminals and offtake tankers.

This essential publication provides information and guidance on the safe management of the interface between offshore terminals and offtake tankers, focusing on F(P)SO and SPM buoy terminals and conventional and DP tankers. It will be of use to tanker technical operators, terminal operators, tanker-based personnel, terminal-based personnel, offshore project development teams and regulatory officials.

This publication updates and supersedes the following OCIMF publications:

•             Offshore Loading Safety Guidelines with Special Relevance to Harsh Weather Zones.
•             Tandem Mooring and Offloading Guidelines for Conventional Tankers at F(P)SO Facilities.
•             Recommendations for Equipment Employed in the Bow Mooring of Conventional Tankers at Single Point Moorings.

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