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Guide To Rigging Braid, Dacron And Gelspun Lines

$12.95 GST

More and more anglers are using braided lines. This guide illustrates and provides tying notes for using these lines when sport and game fishing, deep sea fishing, fly fishing, lure fishing and general purpose angling.
Geoff Wilson’s Guide to rigging Braid, Dacron and Gelspun lines is a
comprehensive, well researched and easy to understand, making it an
invaluable reference for all anglers who want to switch over to the
advantagers of braid, dacron and
gelspun lines.
Features include:
– Joining superlines
– Tying terminal tackle to superlines
– Joining superlines to monofilament
– Knot strength as a percentage of line strength for each knot
P/B 56 pages.

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