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GPS Fishing Marks Australia Wide

$29.95 GST

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GPS Handbook Fishing Marks Australia Wide is an invaluable companion to all anglers.

It is the complete guide on how to use and get the best from your GPS, then it tells you where to fish around Australia. Almost every angler who fishes on the water around Australia either uses a GPS or wishes they did! However, many users find mastering their GPS difficult.

In the GPS Handbook it clearly explains just how to use and get the best from your GPS. Using these instructions, the GPS enables anglers to determine their latitude and longitude out on the water, as well as helping them to navigate a boat to a particular set of co-ordinates. With this knowledge you can then choose from over 2000 marks listed in the book to either start fishing or find your own secret spot. With a GPS, anglers can now navigate to any co-ordinate without the need for sight reference. Gone are the days when pulling down the church spire meant losing your favourite snapper mark!

Paperback : 144 pages

SKU : P33215

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