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Fresh Air in Dark Places

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This book is a guide to the hazards associated with entering enclosed or confined spaces on board.

Enclosed space entry is a dangerous activity that can result in fatal accidents if not carried out safely.

This publication is a guide to the hazards that underpin an enclosed space operation, looking at the risks of and requirements for entering confined spaces.

Routine activities on board a ship can cause the death of a seafarer in minutes. Olaf and Erik Olsen were driven to write a book after reading yet another account of an enclosed space tragedy.

Authors : Olaf Olsen and Erik Olsen

Paperback : 134 pages

SKU : P3197



About the Authors

Olaf Olsen has a Master Mariners certificate and draws on his career experience on tankers and dry cargo ships, together with considerable time in commercial ship management, in maritime education and in his work as an advisory consultant to several international maritime bodies.

Erik Olsen is a graduate in health science combining commercial management and broad maritime transport knowledge.

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