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Fishing Guide To Western Port

$19.95 GST

Back by popular demand. This highly detailed book investigates many of the fish species targeted by anglers. It focuses on where to find them, how to catch them and any specific tips that will increase your catch rate.

Western Port is then broken up into many area specific maps – each area analysed for its full fishing potential. Not one stone has been left unturned in an effort to help you find more fish.

With the help of many good friends and excellent
anglers Paul has compiled some amazing GPS marks from around the Port and offshore that are almost guaranteed to provide results.

Paul Worsteling has been fishing Western Port for over two decades and literally knows it like the back of his hand. He has been fortunate enough to interact with tens of thousands of anglers over this time and has learnt a great deal about Western Port.

This book is a culmination of information that
Paul is proud to share with his fellow Anglers. 64 pages PB.

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