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Entertaining on the Water

$39.95 GST

Easy & Delicious Recipes for all seasons

Liz Chard’s two passions are cooking and sailing. So why not combine the two? Entertaining on the Water is a cookbook with a difference.

Liz Chard has prepared simply beautiful recipes for breakfast, lunch, Happy Hour, dinner and desert, all of which are made for a chef in tight spaces!

“I have cooked in about 40 different kitchens, many of them extremely small and ill equipped. I discovered that if you were cooking for 4 you might as well cook for 20 as long as you could fit them at the table… so it become quite natural, and enjoyable, for me to cook on the boat in its tiny kitchen.”

Being out on the water doesn’t have to mean simple snack food. With Entertaining on the Water it is easy to cook delicious food without interfering with leisure time.

So stock up the on-board store cupboard, raft up with a group of friends, and share a delicious meal on the water.

Hardback : 149 pages

Author : Liz Chard

SKU: P27285

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