Domestic Commercial Vessel Diary and Log Book

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The Domestic Commercial Vessel Diary and Log Book has been published to provide assistance to the owner or master of a domestic commercial vessel (DCV) to record daily activities and events relating to the safe operation of the vessel and should be used in conjunction with the vessel’s documents (manuals, records, and certificates).

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) delegate for Queensland, Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ), has developed the log entries contained within this publication as a suggested format for logging daily operations of a domestic commercial vessel, to assist in demonstrating compliance with legislative requirements described in the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) Part E – Operations.

This log book is suitable for all Australian states and territories.

Each book comprises 366 day entries, with a day’s record to a single page. There are blank day/month/year entry boxes allowing the book to be commenced at any date throughout the year, with sufficient pages to cater for a vessel that has a requirement to be operated throughout the full calendar year.

The Domestic Commercial Vessel Diary and Log Book is provided with a complementary water-resistant PVC wallet to provide protection against the elements when carried onboard a vessel.