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Do Whales Get The Bends?

$24.95 GST

Using a question and answer format, this entertaining narrative addresses a multitude of general interest questions about the sea, sea life, seabirds and man’s relationship with the sea. Have you ever wondered:
Does drinking seawater drive you mad?
Do fish drink water?
Does anything eat jellyfish?
How do flying fish fly?
Why do icebergs float?
Do Whales Get the Bends? will answer these and over a hundred other intriguing questions.
Inspired by questions raised whilst the author was guest lecturer on cruise ships, this fascinating and informative book is a light-hearted, surprising and entertaining read for anyone interested in the sea in its many forms. Each bite-sized entry is no more than two or three pages long, making it an ideal book to dip into for anyone interested in the oceans and the teeming life above and below them.
PB 163 pages.

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