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In this book Tony Groom provides a fascinating, no-holds-barred accIn this book Tony Groom provides a fascinating, no-holds-barred account of his remarkable life and of the world of professional naval and civilian divers. His story is gripping, humbling and highly amusing in equal measureżall the more for the matter-of-fact manner in which he tells it. From clearing unexploded bombs lodged in ships during the Falklands War, to hair-raising exploits in the oil fields of the North Sea, he shines a light on a calling that demands the coolest of heads and extreme courage.With a foreword by Admiral Sir Jonathon Band and an afterword by Commodore Michael Clapp.Anyone whos ever been affiliated with a military underwater demolition team or had the desire to enlist in one will not be able to put down Diver by Tony Groom. . . . Much of his first-person narrative is a candid look at adventures, relationships, personal triumphs and failures of a man whose job is to install or defuse explosives in cold dark waters. It demands nerves of steel, since one slight error would be the last error. Northeast Dive NewsMore »

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