Cruising Guide to the Hawaiian Islands

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Carolyn & Bob Mehaffy

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The Cruising Guide to the Hawaiian Islands is a boaters’ companion designed to aid resident and visiting boaters alike in their enjoyment of the Islands. The first section, “The Hawaiian Islands,” offers a brief look at the geological, historical, and political history of the Islands, as well as information on weather, boat equipment, provisions, medical supplies, and passage-making.
The second section, “Destinations,” includes the viable anchorages and marinas in the Islands grouped by island. The entry for each destination includes background about the area, a few suggestions about what you can see and do there, directions on getting to the destination, and suggestions for anchoring or mooring there.
The third section, “Appendix,” includes a note on the Hawaiian language along with a list and the definitions of common words you are likely to encounter as you cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. It also contains a brief bibliography of primary sources we consulted.

PB 336 pages