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Cruisers' AA

Cruisers' AA

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With over 1,800 tips, tricks, words of wisdom and ideas on cruising, interspersed with more than 100 short stories, Cruisers’ AA provides all the advice you need to go cruising NOW and improve your life on board.

With great ideas on voyage preparation, piracy, pets, kids, communication, health, boat handling, electrics, equipment, fun & games, maintenance & repairs and so much more, it will show you how to significantly enhance your cruising life.

Do you long for a life of cruising? Are you currently on passage? Perhaps you simply dream of great possibilities that seem so far from your daily life. This book bridges the gap and gives you the means of escape. With Cruisers’ AA, you will gaze through the porthole into another world, a world where you can live freely and improve your life.

Already cruising? If you are a cruiser, then you already know the joy of living freely – this book will help you make cruising life even more enjoyable, and show you how to stretch your budget to allow you to live freely for longer.

If you are a firm landlubber, are interested in knowing what happens ‘out there’ and want some great tips that could help you improve your life too, take a look – you might be surprised at what you find.

Cruisers’ AA slices through the myths of living on board. It shows you that once you have the right boat, anything is possible. Turn your dreams into reality with advice from hundreds of cruisers.

The hardest part about going cruising is making the decision to stop writing lists, untie your lines and get going. This book will help steady your fears and sink your doubts. Thought provoking questions and answers will steer you on the right tack. Once underway, this book will provide neat ideas on improving, maintaining and loving your cruising life.

Finding the right boat is just the beginning . . .

6 reviews for Cruisers’ AA

  1. Denise Lawrence

    Cruisers’ AA is a remarkable reference book with an incredible depth of information. With an ‘easy to read’ format, the tips and advice are interspersed with relevant and often amusing short stories. The coloured pictures are attractively laid out and show real-life on board. If you have a boat or are just an adventurer of any sort, Cruisers’ AA is a must for your collection.

  2. Anne Norris

    Cruisers’ A.A. is surely well placed as book of the month.
    Jackie and Noel Parry have spent 9 years sailing the seas
    and have an inexhaustible knowledge of how to maintain,
    navigate and live on board.
    This book invites you into their lives and adventures with
    all aspects clearly divided into chapters.
    Throughout the book are stories and photos which invite the
    reader to share their shipboard life.
    Best of all is the pleasure they get from tackling daily
    adventures with a sense of humour and a pride in their
    I would strongly recommend this book to sailers and
    landlubbers alike.

  3. Linda Anderson

    Cruisers’ AA is a juicy book full of handy hints, little first hand stories and photos on almost every page. You can pick it up anywhere in the book and learn something new, even if you are an experienced cruiser. For newbys it is full of first hand practical information by extremely experienced sailors Jackie and Noel. Jackie writes with humour but maintains a practical and economical view. For those who think you need a vast fortune to go cruising for years, Cruisers’ AA dispels that myth. I particularly like the elegant dress from 2 knotted sarongs!
    Linda Frylink Anderson SV Valiam, Mooloolaba Australia

  4. Shelley Wright (verified owner)

    A wonderful book crammed with useful tips and interesting side stories. An excellent resource for anyone considering cruising.

  5. Peter Lawrence

    Cruisers’ AA contains great tips for everyday living, not just for cruisers. Full of wise words and good, solid, professional and easy to read advice, I recommend this book for all cruisers and anyone who enjoys finding unique and clever ideas to improve their lives.

  6. Dayna Russell (verified owner)

    What a great book and reference tool. I highly recommend this book for first time sailors like myself. So much great information, tips and stories to help you in any sailing situation

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