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Cooking in the Great Outdoors

$20.00 GST

With Tommo – The Camp Oven Specialist – AFN Outdoor Guide

Popular outdoor chef, Tommo has released his another book on cooking in the great outdoors, spiral bound with dozens of outdoor recipes. As well as terrific tips for camp oven cooking.

Paperback : 64 pages

Author: Francis William Thompson ” tommo”

SKU: P19095


About the Author

To some he is Francis William Thompson, but most of us know him simply as Tommo. Tommo is a real Australian who has done just about everything a man can do in Australia. He has admitted to about two hundred jobs during his working life – from shearer to hotelier to running a contract earth mover business, until settling as a semi-retired writer and cooking personality on television and outdoor shows everywhere. He has embarked on a mission to preserve and teach Australian bush history, cuisine and traditions in a manner that is friendly to the outback. His recipes and cooking techniques are authentic to his roots.

From the author of “Catch it & Cook it” comes another great cookbook. This one covers camp oven preparation & cooking as well as recipes for mains, snacks & deserts.

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