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Competence Assurance Guidelines for Mooring, Loading and Lighter

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This OCIMF publication contains recommendations provided with the aim of supporting a marine facility’s competence development programmes for Mooring Masters. There is no established requirement for this group of maritime professionals. The objective of these Guidelines is to provide a competence baseline that can be applied internationally.

Within the context of these guidelines, the term Mooring Master encompasses several differently termed roles where a shore representative provides a professional marine advisory service to vessel Masters. Terms in common use to describe these various roles include Loading Master, Lightering Master, STS Superintendent and Docking/Berthing Master.

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide: Recommendations on the development and implementation of a competency assessment system for Mooring Masters; Guidance on the competencies required of Mooring Masters; Guidance on the knowledge requirements of Mooring Masters; Recommendations on the assessment of an individual’s competence; Recommendations on continued verification of previously assessed competence for Mooring Masters; Advice on record keeping and documentation used to support a competence development programme.

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