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Commercial Shipping Handbook (3rd edition)

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The Commercial Shipping Handbook is an invaluable reference tool for anyone involved in international trade and a first step towards understanding the framework within which the international movement of goods by sea is conducted. The handbook gives concise explanations of the many activities that comprise shipping, explaining the terms and how they interrelate.

Areas covered include:

•Documents used in international transport by sea e.g. the bill of lading and the charter-party – what they contain, the different types and examples of each

•Generic types of ships, cargoes, containers and ports

•Details of all the major maritime associations prominent in contract drafting and policy making, together with a brief explanation of their objectives

•The many extra costs and surcharges found in shipping, particularly in liner shipping

•Chartering terms, an explanation of each and their context

•Clauses appearing in bills of lading, in voyage charters and time charters

•Technical elements of shipping as they relate to the commercial operation of ships, for example tides and draughts

•Examples of principal documents

Discussing over 1250 commercial shipping terms, this book will be an essential reference for all shipowners, charterers, managers and brokers and will also be of use to legal, insurance and banking professionals.

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