Chronology of the War At Sea

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This superb reference book chronicles in unrivalled detail, the greatest naval war in history, day-by-day across every theatre of war, from almost-forgotten skirmishes to the most famous climactic battles. Surface, underwater, naval-air and amphibious campaigns are all covered, and periodic assessments sum up the strategic situations in the worldwide theatres. From its first publication in the 1970s the meticulous research behind this book has made it an essential tool for every historian and serious enthusiast concerned with the Second World War. It underwent complete revision in the early 1990s and has now undergone a further massive updating and expansion as a consequence of the end of the Cold War that opened the archives of the old Eastern Bloc countries. As in the previous edition, a series of massive indexes featuring more than 20,000 entries facilitates easy access to specific events and enhances the book’s reference value.532 pages HB.