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The Chinese Sailing Rig – Design and Build Your Own Junk Rig

$39.95 GST

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The Chinese Sailing Rig: Design and Build Your Own Junk Rig is a stem-to-stern guide for the Western sailor who wants to junk rig any hull.

Words and drawings clearly explain in detail concepts that have been successfully used for millenia in the Orient.

Using Western materials and techniques, Derek walks the amateur designer/builder through all the steps to successfully junk rig their hull of choice.

The emphasis is on adaptation of the Chinese rig to Western hulls.

Clear and concise, The Chinese Sailing Rig does in a small book what others have attempted in much larger volumes.

This edition is an update of the original that has been selling worldwide since 1981.

Paperback : 112 pages

Author : Derek Van Loan

SKU: P1595

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