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Captain G-String

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Captain G String is a book that is totally unique not only in the story that it tells but also in the narrative in which it is written in. The two go hand in hand treating the reader to a bygone era of freedom and vices set upon the stunning backdrop of the Harbors beaches. Add to this the colorful characters throughout the story, it propels the reader from one outrageous adventure to the next leaving most readers saying ‘’I just couldn’t put it down. It was funny, easy to read, with nice large letters and something I could relate to because I knew most of the places he wrote about.’

The hero of the novel is a local boy of Italian parentage with a passion for the ocean. Very soon his odd sounding name coupled with his unique maverick personality make him a target for the bullies of his youth. Shunned by one group to the next he chooses to become a loner and tread his own path determined to never be intimidated again. That journey sees him embark on a funny and sometimes terrifying adventure as he is drawn to powerful personalities whom ultimately become his teachers. Be they Military, members of the underworld or maverick martial arts instructors he tip toes through a minefield drawing from each of them what he needs to survive.

Graduating from his unconventional education he now sets out to achieve his ultimate goal, running his own business on the harbor he loves and knows so well. By a bitter twist of fate his pursuit of that goal finds him confronting bullies of the past. But this time he’s prepared. As he establishes an ice cream boat business on the harbor he unknowingly walks into a turf war with a rival boat vendor.

The ensuing battle for control of the harbor beaches spirals out of control as each combatant employs tactics and allies designed to out maneuver his opponent. Meanwhile the locals on the beaches watch from the sidelines for the inevitable to happen. Detonation.

About the Author

J.P.Borsini is a local Manly Author and well known icon of the Northern Beaches and Sydney Harbor. In the early eighties, having grown up and worked on Sydney Harbor his whole life, he established an ice cream boat business servicing all the secluded nudist beaches of Sydney Harbor .A business he still operates to the present day. That business saw him become an iconic Sydney Harbor personality and the subject of much media attention. Not to mention rubbing shoulders with International celebrities such as Elton John, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban to name but a few.

His first book of three, titled Captain G String is based on real life events that happened on the stunning setting of iconic Sydney Harbor during the early eighties. It was an era of complete freedom and hedonism.

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