Calculations For Fishing Gear

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This vintage work contains a comprehensive guide to designing fishing gear, with information on designing gill nets, purse seines, trawls, etc. Part A of this manual, ‘Theory’, briefly describes technological calculation procedures and testing methods for fishing gear. Part B, ‘Design’, describes the application of these methods to the most common types of fishing gear. This text will appeal to serious fishing enthusiasts with an interest in designing and making their own gear, and it makes for a worthy addition to collections of related literature. The chapters of this volume include: ‘The Theory of Fishing Gear and Fishing Systems’, ‘Development of Fishing Gear and Fishing Systems’, ‘Theoretical Representation of Fishing’, ‘Classifications of Fishing Gear’, ‘Efficiency and Selectivity of Fishing Gear – Fishery Regulations’, et cetera. This text is being republished now complete with new introduction on the history of fishing.