Buy, Outfit & Sail

$49.95 GST

by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander


How to Inexpensively and Safely BUY, OUTFIT, and SAIL a Small Vessel Around the World.

The primary aim is to assist the frugal, safety-conscious sailor in the purchase and repair of a modest sailboat capable of circumnavigating. The core premise: there is little correlation between dollars spent and pleasure received when it comes to cruising offshore. Cheaper boats can be far more seaworthy than their expensive counterparts if the skipper’s money is spent wisely.

It is also a practical step-by-step guide to circumnavigating inexpensively—written by a freedom-loving sailor who has sailed twice around the world on a $3,000 salvaged boat.

What equipment do you really to sail offshore? How can you acquire much of this gear for free or inexpensively? What items are cheap where? How can you earn “freedom chips” as you cruise? Which routes are best?
What common cruising gear do you NOT need? Why?

It even points out the advantages of being on a tight budget: more friends, sharing, destinations, time, culture, freedom, fun, camaraderie, parties, and a clearer cruising focus.

In addition, it opens up a completely new, fresh “sea gypsy” world to the landlubber—a wonderful, wacky, watery world of international brotherhood upon the high seas.

Of special interest is the unusual, non-PC section on earning-as-you-go.
The book is divided into three main sections: How-to buy a boat for peanuts, How-to safely outfit that vessel cheaply, and How-to happily sail around the world on a handful of pennies. The focus is on simple, effective, practical, inexpensive solutions that allow the sailor-on-a-shoestring to have twice the fun on half the money.

The dream of leisurely sailing around the world is neither an impossible nor unrealistic one. Dozens of sailors escape to paradise every day. Why not you?

PB 228 pages