Boat Handling, Navigation And Seamanship

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Instant answers for your boat handling, navigation, and seamanship questions
The Instant Handbook uses a dynamic new quick-reference format to cover the critical aspects of piloting, seamanship, and boat handling under sail or power more accessibly and effectively than has ever been done before. It puts at your fingertips all the information you need about: Boat Handling Under Power–Bob Sweet; Sail Trim and Rig Tuning–Bill Gladstone; Using Nautical Charts–Bob Sweet; Using GPS–Bob Sweet; Using VHF and SSB Radios–Bob Sweet; Rules of the Road and Running Light Patterns–Charlie Wing; Knots, Splices, and Line Handling–Charlie Wing; Anchoring–Peter Nielsen; Onboard Weather Forecasting–Bob Sweet; Heavy Weather Sailing–John Rousmaniere; Diesel Engine Care and Repair–Nigel Calder; Emergencies On Board–John Rousmaniere; Emergency First Aid On Board–Richard Clinchy.
Each subject is stripped to its absolute essence. Only a panel of top nautical experts could pack such a wealth of information into such a small book. Equally valuable for home study and onboard reference, The Instant Handbook includes all the essentials and not a word more. 232 pages PB.