Better Boating Blunders

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Sea Going Stuff Ups For Beginners and Experts


Paul Curtis and John Quirk

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Those suffering the merest hint of desire to go seafaring in their own boat will learn from these heart-breaking examples just what  can go wrong.

Read the secrets of successfully leaving moorings with topsides unmarked, happening miraculously upon your destination, and then, for the piece de resistance, dropping anchor with aplomb. Inevitable binocular watches will murmur appreciatively and even you crew will be impressed. Perfect. For the cognoscenti; those who know all, this fine book can be used for everything from a chock for a deck-stepped mast, a wedge for propping up a broken hatch, to slapping a wayward crew member into shape. So, buy it anyway. The tales of the mess some fools get into will give you a good laugh while leaving you, dare we say, feeling a trifle smug.

This book is best enjoyed with a pinch of salt, four parts gin, one part dry vermouth. Shaken, not stirred.

Any profits from the sale of this publication, claims the author, go directly towards the purchase of his next boat.