Tactics Made Simple

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by Jon Emmett

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Boatspeed is not enough – a good understanding of tactics is crucial if you want to win races.

Sailboat racing is often described as chess on water, so many are the tactical moves open to you. This book explains simply, through hundreds of diagrams, what tactics you can apply around the race track. Individual boats in each scenario are given names so that you can easily understand what they are doing.

Individual chapters take you around the race course, from before you get on the water, through the pre-start, start, different legs and manoeuvres. Each section contains detailed advice for the beginner, intermediate and advanced sailor so you can just look at the level of tactics relevant for you.

Ideal for dinghy sailors, there is also a wealth of advice that will benefit yachtsmen. This is a practical way to improve your racing results, whether starting out, moving up the club circuit or competing at national level and beyond.

PB 128 pages