Baltic Sea

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Given that it is highly polluted, cold and is an expensive part of the world, you might wonder why anyone would want to cruise the Baltic Sea.

On the other hand, of course, there is considerable beauty around the Baltic, both natural and man-made. While it may not be the culinary capital of Europe, at least you can be certain that almost all food available there will be safe to eat.

The other fact that needs to be remembered is that for most of the three summer months, it can be quite magical. Long, still, sunny days prevail. Not too hot but not cold either.
There is plenty to see and distances between well-equipped harbours are short. Hanseatic history is evident practically everywhere.

Although the Baltic is generally easy to navigate, except in winter, this detailed, refined and very clear pilot makes it even more of a pleasure. As always with Imray pilots, the photographs and charts are simple, clear and appropriate.HB 372 pages