Around Mallorca

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This new, large-format illustrated book presents numerous aerial photographs of Mallorca face the sea. For the first time there is even aerial photos of the archipelago of Cabrera in southern Mallorca, Spain’s only National Park to the sea.
“Around Mallorca” scrolls on other facets of the island with each chapter. Displays the busy bay of Palma, beaches and anchorages along the southern tip and portrays delightful little bays along the east coast. The following are the major bays in northern Mallorca to Cabo Formentor.
From there it goes through many pages once lengthwise along the Tramuntana, as the mountain range is called to the northwestern side of the island. Since 2011, UNESCO, the Tramuntana leads as World Heritage, acknowledging one is still highly intact culture.
Once around all the great capes of Mallorca: That’s the shortest distance 150 nautical miles or 280 km converted with a great variety, for water sports enthusiasts and visitors of the country equally. This book combines stunning panoramas. Mallorca is the sea a very terrific face. For many fans of the island her best. HB 180 pages