Antarctica Exploring the Extreme

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The danger and excitement of Antarctic exploration from the earliest seas voyages through the 20th century. It will astound and astonish you, not only for the simple beauty of it, but also for the amount of research that must have gone into the book to achieve a stunning result.
Fabulous sights, hair-raising escapes, jubilant homecomings, and agonizing losses abound in this unique historical adventure. Far more complete than competing narratives of Antarctic exploration, Antarctica: Exploring the Extreme documents dozens of voyages, from the earliest days of long-distance sea travel, through the rapacious exploitation of seal and whale in the 19th century, to the 20th-century overland expeditions racing to the South Pole. The drama continues as 10 nations scramble to claim the continent, and a review of today, Antarctica by region details further expeditions as well as geology, terrain, and historical and scientific sites.

Marilyn J. Landis was trained as a geologist and earth scientist specializing in Antarctica. Now a freelance writer, she traveled to Antarctica seven times to research this book.395pages HB.