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All in the Same Boat : Living Aboard and Cruising

$45.95 GST

Twenty-five years ago, Tom and Mel Neale quit their law and education jobs and traded their suburban home for a three-room sailboat. Ever since, their neighborhood has been a Chesapeake Bay cove, a secluded Bahamian beach, or anywhere else they choose to anchor. And along the way, they raised and educated two daughters, one now a junior in college and one in a graduate writing program on full academic scholarship.

All in the Same Boat is one family’s testament to the belief that that you can lead a life of your choosing. For the Neales, it hasn’t been a vacation. Instead of mowing the lawn, they fix the watermaker or make bread from scratch. Instead of trying to find good schools for the kids, they make their own good school. Instead of living to work they work to live, making time for adventure and play.

Here is how they do it, and how you can do it too, with hard-won tips on: choosing the right boat; preparing the crew and boat; provisioning for long-term cruising; raising – and educating – kids; getting along in close quarters; earning a living – and how to hold on to the money; keeping in touch; what to expect in the cruising life, and how to handle it; learning what you can leave behind; and how to make the ocean your backyard.

Author : Tom Neale

ISBN 0070464340

384 pages

SKU: P0163

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