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ADMIRALTY Manual of Navigation- Principles of Navigation Vol.1 2019

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Admiralty Manuals

The Admiralty Manuals are recognised worldwide as the leading authority on navigational knowledge and techniques.

This comprehensive reference lays the foundation for safe and effective navigation at sea, including ocean and coastal passages, pilotage and anchoring. The fundamental principles of navigation developed over centuries of experience in the Royal Navy have been applied to the ECDIS era so that this edition is ‘digital by default’. The manual also contains essential guidance on techniques for navigating with traditional paper charts and for the operation of ships when GPS is not available.

This edition includes the use of satellites and the display of navigational information on electronic charts. Theory is combined with practice so safe and reliable operations can be learned. It will be “of benefit to all mariners on naval ships, commercial vessels or leisure craft”, Admiral Sir Jonathon Band GCB ADC, First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff said in the foreword.

Author: Alastair Harris
Authored : The Royal Navy
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