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A Full Cup

$39.95 GST

When Kaiser Wilhelm II was in a particularly waspish humor and wanted to denigrate his Uncle Bertie, King Edward VII, he would say of him that he goes sailing on his grocer’s yacht.

Since he was referring to the retail magnate and purveyor of tea Sir Thomas Lipton, one is tempted to say “some grocer.” And on reading “A Full Cup,” part biography, part an account of Lipton’s lifelong quest to win the America’s Cup in an ever more magnificent vessel, “some yacht,” as well.

Much of “A Full Cup” details Lipton’s dogged but ultimately unsuccessful quest to win the America’s Cup, the last attempt being only a year before his death in 1931, aged 83.

It is clear from this account that there never was a more passionate competitor, but equally never a more gracious loser. And his failed quest drew great admiration and sympathy.

“A Full Cup” celebrates a remarkable man: a great philanthropist and entrepreneurial tradesman, blessed with style, flair and, most of all, great spirit.

Hardback : 355 pages

Author Michael D’Antonio

SKU: P32507

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