Sea Dreams in the Adriatic


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Sea Dreams in the Adriatic

Sea Dreams Sailing in the Adriatic is the second in a series exploring the Mediterranean by Tasmanian couple, Rob and Rosemary Peterswald. Previous books by the authors include, the first book in this series, Sea Dreams Sailing in the Western Mediterranean, From the Sea and Beyond the Shore. In this superbly photographed book Sea Dreams continues her Mediterranean odyssey, sailing from the Messina Strait, across the foot of Italy to one of the world’s most historically interesting and beautiful seas. She visits eastern Italy, Montenegro and the Dalmation and Istrian coasts and islands of Croatia, and Venice. Along the way are ancient cities that nurtured the Renaissance and remain inspirational today, fortresses and towering mountains that in summer are mostly framed by a perfect azure sky, yet can be menacing and veiled in swirling clouds. There are many sheltered harbours that have been havens from the earliest times, and every few miles there are delightful anchorages – on quiet moorings off summer konobas where fish and lamb are grilled over smoky fires, or in rocky tree lined coves where the water is warm and crystal clear. PB

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